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Mental Floss begs you to feel art again by caitlin
April 28, 2009, 3:39 pm
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I recently got back from visiting some family in a very glamorous museum filled European city.  While there I learned that my soon to be 15 year old cousin who lives in the afore mentioned city has an acute allergy to art and museums.  Of course this made me sad so I talked to him about it.  We summed up or talk with a simple concept.  Art should be about feeling, not about thinking and I think that was reassuring to him. Maybe he’ll voluntarily go to a museum some day.

My conversation with my dear cousin reminded me of a pretty great feature on one of my favorite blogs.  Feel Art Again on Mental Floss.  Periodically the folks at Mental Floss pick a piece of art, usually requested from a reader, and write about it.  They give background on the artist, context for their work and something about the piece they are showing.  What I like most about the Mental Floss feature is that it is not written by art historians or for art historians. It is written for whom ever stumbles upon it.  They are doing their small part to pull back the curtain on the art world and prove that art is for everyone to enjoy.

Le Violon dIngres and Tears by Man Ray


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I like this. I think he will go to museums soon.

Comment by Cathy

My daughter writes the Feel Art Again posts for mental_floss, so I was delighted to see your comments. Keep enjoying “Feel Art Again”!

Comment by Therese

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