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Little Book Exhibit by gvlr
January 25, 2010, 5:31 pm
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Little Books Exhibit

Red Ages
1991 Bologna, Italy
Edition of 150 copies
Book closed: 3.5″ x 3.5″ (9c x 9c)
Book open: 54.25″ x 3.5″ (138c x 9c)

MassArt Library

January 2010

Please come visit the library 12th floor of Tower Building

List of Books on Display in Library Cases

Small Case

Pill Bottle Book

By Anon. Student

Mary Jane By Anon. Student

$ Novelty$


By Lissi Erwin, 1997

Long Case

Holding it all Together

By Tamara Oppenheimer

Different Notions of Cleanliness

By Athena Tacha

Fort Point Flora & Fauna

By Laura Davidson


By Amanda Barrow 

Metamorphosis By

Nathalie MacDonald

Chart Sensation

By Michael Lewy

Relative to Hanging

By Lawrence Weiner

Red Ages

By Angela Lorenz, 1991 

All of Me

By Kate Parker

Training Manual for Girls

By Tamara Oppenheimer

And So On

By Emily Martin, 1995

The Long Ride Home

By Jeremy Majewski

Bread and Water: Stories

By Eileen Myles, 1987

Primitive Man

By Amy Gerstler, 1987

November By David Trinidad, 1986

Guilty of Everything

By Herbert Huncke, 1987 

Son of Andy Warhol

By Taylor Mead, 1986

Snap Shots By Marv Bondarowicz, 1976

Medium Case

Unfolding Poems

By Michele Wong Albanese, 1996

On South Cape Beach

By Janine Wong

Beyond the Museum of Fine Arts

By Stephanie Mahan Stigliano

Meditations on Leaving

By Deborah Klotz-Paris

In My Hands By Tamara Oppenheimer

Personal Effects

By Marcia Ciro  I Wonder

By Ruth Ellen Baxter

Vacuum Sealed

By Teresa Shields


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Tamara, we took a workshop in Bennington ages ago. how do I get in touch with you again?

Comment by louanne watley

Hiya! Wow that WAS ages ago.
I’m sorry I didn’t see this, please email me at if you see this!

Comment by Tamara

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