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Lugh : Some Head by gvlr
February 19, 2010, 2:44 pm
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Some Head

Artist Statement

Some Head:

The head is the seat of our soul and humanity. From this seat I create my image as guises to what a person may be.

My abstracted heads, I feel, reveal aspects of the psyche common to the human experience, certainly to myself. I work with my image because I am not copyrighted (yet), I am accessible and I have never denied myself permission to use my image. Also, I prefer to use my image because I am solely responsible for the statements I wish to make. I do not want to infuse another individual’s identity with statements clearly based on my life and experiences.

I like to work in malleable materials, and clay is my material of choice. Each head is sculpted from clay slabs pressed into plaster plates molded off of my head or cast from a slip mold. The slab techniques allow me the ability to distort scale, alter shapes, and add “accessories.” The heads are then fired to bisque and painted with acrylics. I prefer acrylics to conventional glazing because I can control the colors better and not be subject to the whims of the Kiln Gods.

The most recent heads I have created are for my Legacy Series. This series is about fathers. A father in a family is supposed to be a source of love and caring, a teacher and protector, but this was not the case for me. There are men in my life, friends, and co-workers, some of whom are fathers that treat me in a better manner than I received at home. I asked these men: “If you were to beat my head in, what object would you use?” After they chose an object of destruction they were given the opportunity to abuse one or more of my clay heads. The series plays with the juxtaposition of relationship and feelings: the respect and camaraderie I receive from these male friends compared to what was never there in my family life. The heads are made of stoneware, white and brown, and terra cotta. They are not glazed or painted. I want the image of me, the mark of the instrument, and the reaction of the material to speak of the beatings endured.

Here I have bared parts of my soul in hopes that we may share a cushion on the couch of humanity.

Who is Lugh?

Lugh has been incarnating for 5,000 years as Human. In this most recent version of the Soul expression Lugh has been studying and making art since 1989. He is a self-trained potter and found his way to Mass Art in 2000 as an undergraduate. He has been teaching a variety of classes since 1996 beginning at Mud Flat Pottery School and Studios in Somerville, MA where he taught adult classes in wheel throwing, hand building and sculpture. Most recently Lugh teaches Mold Making and Casting here at Mass Art.

So far in this life Lugh has defined his existence as: line cook, baker, sous chef, settlements clerk in a bank, librarian’s assistant, brewer of mead, a practitioner of the Majickal Arts, student, teacher and artist.

After this life is over Lugh plans on resting between physical realities offering aid and inspiration to those kind Souls that have influenced him over the centuries.


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